Monday, December 7, 2009

Addis Neger: A sad case beyond a mere exit

I was dealt a blow with the news that Addis Neger, a private Ethiopian weekly, had to cease publication just a few days ago. According to the editors, who fled their country, their unfortunate exit from the market place of their ideas came as a result of unbearable government harassment. The government denies that as always.

Whatever the case, the newspaper for me was one of a knd that has run respectable views with unprecedented depth and cool-headed analyses. Emerging after the 2005 elections characterized, among other things, by polarized politics with government and private media serving more as a means to run political causes devoid of professional responsibility than as information providers and responsible opinion leaders, Addis Neger can arguably be taken as the most vibrant Amharic weekly at least for me and probably for a lot many others. My view is that given the expert insights and critical writing, even the government, as far as it accepts itself as a human institution with limitations and traits of erring, would have benfited from the continuation of the paper.

More importantly though, I'm overly sympathetic to those enthusiastic readers who little hesitated to buy every copy of the paper. I live with a happy memory of the discussions triggered among my friends nearly on every article in that paper owing to their noble perspectives and dimensional viewpoints.

I hope time will come for the dynamic editors, journalists and columinists of the paper to rerun their paper sooner or later. My applauds for the jolly good work.

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